Dear WWOOFERs and Friends,
We are very thrilled to invite you to a special kind of a trip,
a unique experience if you decide to come on board, as you are definitely in for a treat.

General Details:
On the 05-06 of April we'll take a weekend outdoors with Nissim Krispil who is
a world class expert on Israel's wild plants and has dedicated his adult life
to research their value for human life as food and medicinal and folklore significance.

The trip is set to take place in the vicinity of the Tirosh Village near Beit Shemesh (Nissim's home),
and while hiking we will pick and learn about the local wild plants and herbs which we will also use for our cooking.

Camping will be in nature, with a cozy fire and (hopefully) good company under the stars,
where if the conditions will allow it, we might do some special stargazing.
The trip will end at Luzit Village after we pay a visit to the beautiful bell shaped caves in the area.

Things to bring with you
  • tent
  • sleeping bag
  • Hiking shoes(Important)
  • Flash light
  • Mattress (optional)
  • Warm Clothing (for the night)
  • hat
  • sun cream
  • A guitar or other instruments for the evening (optional)
Please note that we will have a car parking near the sleeping area at night,
so you don't need to carry your personal stuff like tent and sleeping bag all the way...
if you don't have a tent, please let us know, we can bring one extra tent

Our food will consist mainly on the plants we pick up on the way,
which we'll use to make delicious natural food (with the help of Nissim).
We will bring other – more common - food with us as well.
We plan to make a delicious "Couscous" at night...

There are several public transport methods to "Beit Shemesh"
and we will try to arrange for cars to pick you from there to Tirosh
(it is important that you let us know if you require this),
or you can arrive directly to Tirosh with your own vehicle.

Participation Requirements
The trip is designed to people with the following conditions:
- You should be able to carry a small bag with water
- You are able to hike for 17km

Scheduling and miscellanies
We will meet on Friday the 5th of April at 9:00 and will end around 16:00 on Saturday the 6th.
There's a minimum of 15 participants, the maximum is 25, so take that into account.
In case we don't meet the quota or the weather will not allow it and
we will have to cancel the trip, you will get a full refund of the payment.
WWOOF Israel and the Nissim cannot take a responsibility for any injury, or loss/damage to your equipment.

It Sounds Great! How do I join?
If you are not a registered WWOOFER and wish to join please write us to
  • your wwoof member id, if you are a wwoofer
  • birth date
  • country
  • gender
  • how do you plan to come? by car? by public transport? can you give a ride to others?
Costs are specified below. You can pay with Paypal
(Paypal is a secure way to pay with credit card - no need to have account with Paypal).
WWOOF Israel members have a 50ILS discount for the tour